With the new SARS-CoV-2 PCR Kit by GeneProof, medac Diagnostics is offering you a simple and fast real-time PCR test for an efficient laboratory routine. The multiplex real-time RT-PCR kit detects the viral RdRP (RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase), E (envelope) and N (nucleocapsid) gene in one approach.
The key advantage of the PCR kit is the simplified workflow. This means, the RNA extraction can be omitted when needed and the PCR can be performed directly using the lysed sample material. Furthermore, thanks to the ready-to-use master mix, the number of pipetting steps is reduced to the absolute minimum. The (extracted) sample only needs to be added to the master mix. Additional pipetting of PCR reagents is not necessary. This allows for faster processing of your sample and also means that laboratory materials that may be in short supply do not need to be used for RNA extraction.
The RdRP and E gene are detected via the increased fluorescence of the FAM fluorophore, and the N gene is detected in the Cy5 channel. The internal control (IC) included in the kit monitors the entire diagnostic process (viral nucleoproteine lysis, RNA extraction, reverse transcription and PCR amplification). IC positive amplification is detected in the HEX fluorophore fluorescence channel.
Thanks to the universal thermal profile the GeneProof SARS-CoV-2 PCR kit can be processed simultaneously with all other GeneProof PCR tests. The PCR is based on “hot start” technology to minimise non-specific reactions and achieve maximum sensitivity. Additionally, the ready-to-use master mix contains Uracil-D N A glycosylase (UNG) and dUTPs eliminating contaminations with amplification products.
The kit is designed for in vitro diagnostics and provides qualitative detection.

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